The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) received a 911 call today at 12:19 p.m. for a building fire at 343 Maluniu Avenue in Kailua. Nine resource units, staffed with approximately 34 personnel, responded to the fire. The first fire fighters arrived at the scene at 12:24 p.m. to find heavy smoke emanating from the rear of a single-story, residential home. It was reported to the HFD that a mother and her adult son were in the home at the time of the fire and were able to evacuate safely with no injuries.

Firefighting tactics included securing a water supply, initiating an aggressive fire attack, and performing a primary search of the interior for occupants. The fire was brought under control at 12:43 p.m. and extinguished at 1:09 p.m. Overhaul tactics to search for hidden fires and smoldering areas to prevent rekindling were completed shortly thereafter.

The HFD’s Fire Investigator was called to the scene to initiate an investigation to determine the origin and cause of the fire. There are no damage estimates at this time and it is unknown if the home is equipped with smoke alarms..

Fire Safety Tips
– Working smoke alarms save lives, reducing the risk of dying in a home fire in half.
– Smoke alarms should be installed and maintained in every home.
– Home fire sprinklers protect lives by keeping fires small.
– Sprinklers can reduce the heat, flames, and smoke produced in a fire, allowing people more time to escape.
– A home fire sprinkler can control or put out a fire with a fraction of the water that would be used by fire department hoses.

The Honolulu Fire Commission is accepting applications for the Fire Chief position.

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