The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) received two 911 calls for hikers needing assistance this afternoon on the Windward side of Oahu. HFD received the first 911 call for a lost hiker at 2:14p.m. near the Pali Golf Course and another at 3:07p.m. for an injured hiker on Maunawili Falls Trail.

The first rescue was near the Pali Golf Course. Four HFD resources with 12 personnel responded and found the hiker within 45 minutes. However, the hiker was found in a precarious position and it took some time to assist him back to the trail head. Hiker had no serious injuries and the services of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was not needed. Hiker was an adult male hiking alone. He requested assistance after he fell nearly 30 feet off the Likeke Trail.

The second rescue incident was on Maunawili Falls Trail. Five HFD resources with 16 personnel responded. On this trail, HFD found a 17 year-old visitor from California with a lower leg injury. Rescue personnel got to her location near the falls via helicopter and airlifted her off the trail to a landing zone at Maunawili Valley Neighborhood Park. The hiker was placed in the care of EMS and transported to an area emergency room.

Two helicopters, two rescue companies, two engine companies, a ladder company, and two battalion chiefs were assigned to these calls. Although many rescue resources were engaged in both of these incidents, it was a well-coordinated and efficient effort. The response capabilities of the HFD were not strained at any time during these rescues.

• Always let others know where you plan to hike and what time you expect to return.
• If you call 911 to be rescued in the mountains, please stay in the same area so the rescuers can find you based on your last known geo-location coordinates.

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