Acting Fire Chief Lionel Camara Jr. congratulated the Honolulu Fire Department’s (HFD) 110th Fire Fighter Recruit (FFR) II Class, who graduated on September 17, 2021. The 110th FFR II Class is comprised of the following FFR IIs:

Trevor Aikau-Osurman
Amador Jonah Barrios
Beau Bourne
Matthew Cheape
Casen Cluney
Cheyne Cluney
James Funtanilla
Jason Habu
Jessica Kane
Grant Kawasaki
Mykah Kuratani
Jeren Perez
Brody Price
Ulices Vazquez
Shannon Wise

Training for the 110th FFR II Class commenced on March 22, 2021. The success of the Recruit Training Program was a result of many instructors from the Training and Research Bureau, other Department divisions, and third-party evaluators who supervised and provided a broad spectrum of fire service education and training. FFRs were certified to International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Fire Fighter I and II and hazardous materials (HM) awareness and operations levels prior to their employment with the HFD and received training in basic driving skills as part of the Recruit Training Program. The FFRs completed more than 984 hours of rigorous instruction.

These FFRs participated as advanced trainees, as they were in possession of the required certifications at the time of their employment. FFRs also participated in intensive classroom and field training that focused on demonstrating proficiency at their certification levels; learned and applied specific fire fighter techniques, methods, and procedures; performed or assisted as an advanced trainee in various fire fighting and other specialized or emergency operations, such as HM incidents, special rescue operations, and emergency medical care; and performed other fire fighting-related tasks as directed and supervised.

The following four awards were presented at the graduation:
 Superior Performance in Drills
 Excellence in Scholastic Achievement
 Most Inspirational FFR II
 Outstanding FFR II

Photos from the graduation were posted on the HFD Facebook and Instagram pages.