Support Services

The Support Services division oversees the Fire Prevention Bureau and the Training and Research Bureau under the direction of an Assistant Chief.

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Honolulu Fire Department’s mission is to effectively promote fire and life safety programs that assist in mitigating loss of life, property, and damage to the environment pursuant to State of Hawaii law and the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu 1973 (Amended 2017 Edition).

The Fire Chief fulfills these responsibilities through the efforts of the Fire Prevention Bureau, which are organized in the following sections.

Administrative Section

The Administrative section is responsible for the Fire Prevention Bureau’s administrative duties, such as research, formulation, revision, and adoption of the fire code; maintaining fire inspection programs; preparing Fire Prevention Bureau related correspondence to the public; managing statistical data and reports; issuing permits; and coordinating school inspections.

Codes Enforcement Section

The Codes Enforcement section conducts fire inspections at all buildings within the City and County of Honolulu; observes maintenance testing of fire protection systems; and responds to fire code-related complaints and referrals from the public and other agencies. This section also assists with fire inspection programs related to fire codes, ordinances, statutes, rules, and regulations. The Code Enforcement section is divided into three areas of responsibility which are identified as Codes Central, Codes East, and Codes West.

Fire Investigations Section

The Fire Investigations section conducts investigations to determine the origin, cause, and circumstances of fires. This section coordinates with various government agencies to provide evidence and testimony in criminal and civil proceedings; collaborates with other Fire Prevention Bureau sections to educate the community of identified fire origin and cause trends; refers identified violations of the fire code; and interacts with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission to identify consumer products suspected of causing fires.

The Fire Investigations section is also supported by an Honolulu Fire Department accelerant detection canine to assist with the investigation process. This canine can detect up to 200 types of ignitable liquids and is capable of assisting other government agencies throughout the state.

Plans Checking Section

The Plans Checking section reviews building construction plans to ensure compliance with the fire code. This includes, but is not limited to, fire department access, water supply, fire protection systems and equipment, and permits for the installation of flammable/combustible liquid and liquefied petroleum gas tanks, tents, and canopies. This section also witnesses acceptance tests for commercial range hoods, fixed fire extinguishing systems, and fire alarms.

Training and Research Bureau

The Training and Research Bureau is located at the Charles H. Thurston Fire Training Center and houses multiple classrooms, a six-story training tower, and various training props. Remote training can also be conducted in classrooms that are located at the Honolulu Fire Department Headquarter Annex and the East Kapolei and Nuuanu Fire Stations.

The Training and Research Bureau plans, coordinates, executes, and evaluates the Honolulu Fire Department’s training programs and activities. They also conduct research and testing on the latest technology, techniques and certifications in the areas of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, hazardous materials, technical rescue, fire fighting, water safety, driver training, apparatus operation, emergency medical response, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, and other safety courses for City and County of Honolulu employees and the public.

One of the Training and Research Bureau’s primary functions is to train new fire fighters. Several months of an intensive training curriculum prepares Fire Fighter Recruits to safely and competently respond to a wide range of emergencies for which the Honolulu Fire Department responds. Proficiency levels for fire fighters are maintained and enhanced through recurrent training and continuing education courses.