Fire Fighters Safety Guide

View and download our Junior Firefighter Safety Guides, workbooks filled with information and activities to help our kids learn to be fire safe.

About the Guide

The Honolulu Fire Department is pleased to announce the 36th edition of the Fire Fighter’s Safety Guide (FFSG). The 2021 Fire Prevention Week theme is, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety!”

This year, the Fire Fighters Safety Guide was designed to group and target its fire safety messages toward certain grade groups (K-2 and 3-6) in one workbook. This new and innovative design provides age-appropriate language, content, and activities. Grades K-2 start from one cover, while Grades 3-6 start from the opposite cover. Both groups will culminate in the middle with the home escape plan drawing activity.

In a joint effort with the State of Hawaii, Department of Education; county fire departments; and numerous community-based sponsors, serve the community with this fire safety program to increase fire safety awareness among parents, teachers, and students. The Fire Fighters Safety Guide reaches an estimated 140,000 elementary school students and their families statewide.

Previous Editions