Ensure a safe work environment for employees and patrons by adhering to the fire code.

Fire Prevention Information

The Honolulu Fire Department uses inspections as an opportunity to educate the community on fire safety and fire codes through our company inspection program. With your help, we can reduce the number of accidental fires.

Fire Safety for Business

Spend a few minutes with us while we go over some of the most common fire risks that fire fighters encounter during our fire inspections.

Fire Safety for Commercial Kitchens

Hawaii State law requires all county fire departments to inspect commercial buildings and premises to enforce all fire safety codes.

This is especially important in many of the commercial kitchens that exist within our state.

Safety Tips

Exit Signs and Doors

  • Exit signs are required and must be illuminated and visible.
  • Fire exit doors must be able to be opened from the inside without the use of a key, special knowledge, or effort.
  • Exit doors must not be locked or rendered unusable.
  • The path to exit must be free from obstructions.
  • Storage in exit stairwells and corridors is prohibited.


  • Appliances should not be plugged into power strips, surge protectors, or extension cords.
  • Extension cords are designed for temporary use only; use of extension cords on a permanent basis in prohibited.
  • Piggybacking is an unsafe practice that connects two or more power strips, surge protectors, and/or extension cords in a series. These should be used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation.


  • Storing combustible items in electrical and mechanical rooms is prohibited.
  • Electrical panels must be accessible and free from obstructions.
  • When the total quantity of flammable or combustible liquids exceeds ten gallons, it must be stored in a flammable liquids storage cabinet.
  • Compressed gas cylinders (whether empty or full) must be properly secured to prevent falling due to contact, vibration or seismic activity.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • Businesses are required to have a 2A-10BC rated fire extinguisher properly mounted on the premises.
  • Fire extinguishers must be serviced annually and display a satisfactory service tag denoting the month and year it was serviced.
  • If a new fire extinguisher is purchased each year, a copy of the purchase receipt must be provided during inspection.
  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems must display an annual satisfactory service tag denoting the month and year of inspection.
  • Commercial kitchen hood systems must be serviced every six months and display a satisfactory service tag denoting the month and year of the inspection.
  • A minimum clearance of 18 inches must be maintained between stored items and sprinkler heads.
  • In buildings without fire sprinklers, a 24 inch clearance must be maintained.

Is Your Business Ready for a Fire Code Inspection?

Learn what to expect, how to schedule and examples of what we’ll be looking for.